What to do after Diploma? What next after Diploma Job or Degree


What to do after Diploma- Candidates can check the details of What to do after Diploma course/ What next after Diploma

The reasons why most of the candidates choose Diploma course is that it offers excellent career opportunities in an affordable cost with relatively short duration of time. There are wide range of job opportunities that wait for Diploma in Engineering and Non-Engineering Programs. First, we have to check some details of what do to after diploma.

  • Higher Education
  • Job Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Higher Education

Candidates who done their Diploma course they have a doubt about which course they want to undergo. The most popular course for Polytechnic Diploma holders is B.E/B.Tech Lateral Entry Scheme. The lateral entry scheme means direct engineering degree for 2nd year. Many of the universities/ engineering colleges provides this lateral entry course. If you want to get admission at this lateral entry course, then you may undergo respective Engineering Entrance Test of the Institutes/Universities.

Mostly all the universities conducts entrance test for the admission in to lateral entry course. Those who are interested to do degree after the diploma course then you may use this chance. There are many job opportunities wait for the Diploma graduates and lateral entry graduates. The higher education is one of the best idea after the diploma course.

Job Opportunities

Students mostly take diploma after the completion of matriculation because of financial situation or affordable cost with relatively short duration of time. Polytechnic diploma courses are rightly called shortcuts Careers of many students, as they provide great scope Various career opportunities for students. Diploma holders can get various jobs opportunities at public and private sector.

For the State/Central Government or their allied Public Sector Units offer various job opportunities for the student after diploma course. Mostly government companies hire diploma holders for junior level positions (for both engineering and non-engineering candidates) and technician level jobs.

The private sector companies also hire Polytechnic Diploma holders for manufacturing, construction and electronics and communication domains. The main important field for diploma holder should be Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), for this BPO jobs they expects candidates with interpersonal skills. BPO jobs are a good way to upgrade your communication skill, computer operation skills and the like.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Another great career opportunity for polytechnic diploma holders Self Employment. Diploma student should know the practical knowledge of all machineries. If you done diploma in computer engineering, you can easily start a business for computer repair, if you hold Diploma in Automobile then you can start own garage or automobile repair store.  For all the Diploma course there are excellent opportunities.

The Central Govt. and State Govt. provides various schemes for the Polytechnic Diploma graduates just google and get the scheme details and use it.

Interpersonal Skills

Soft skills are today’s power skills, in this world they give more importance for interpersonal, communication and social intelligence skills. Soft Skills help develop a powerful personality. It helps it stand out, make progress in your daily activities to achieve your goals.

Those who are going to grow their interpersonal skills they should follow the under given points.

  • Self Esteem- Confidence
  • Communication- The act of sharing or exchanging information, ideas or feelings.
  • Teamwork- Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal.
  • Time Management- Plan your Time, plan your life.
  • Body Language- Physical behaviour/ Mannerism/
  • Social Responsibility- Helping hands are better than praying lips
  • Leadership Qualities- Responsibility & Dependability

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